I adore animals

I was fortunate to be brought up in the country surrounded by lots of animals. I used to be very shy, and the only 'people' I talked to were my animals. All the locals called me 'Doctor Dolittle' [Read more about this story]

I would get up early before school and run and open the animal enclosures and cuddle and feed my pets. Every morning and afternoon, we would all bounce on the trampoline together and have tea parties in our old caravan; on which I had painted all our animals on the outside.

Whilst at school I developed a profound interest in gorillas for my Biological animal studies. I read voraciously about them and began frequenting the Melbourne Zoo to study their behavioural patterns. Such was my passion for these animals, the zoo keepers allowed me to feed and interact with the gorillas.

Whilst working in the corporate world I continued to volunteer at vet clinics and The Lost Dogs Home. I have travelled the world extensively appreciating animals in their natural habitat.

Upon returning to Melbourne after living in Sweden and London for a decade, I decided to sell my business which I had founded eight years previously. 

After much thought I have decided to pursue the passion which has been with me since I was a little girl; working and having fun with dogs - and - I hope for them to have fun with me.